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Do Your Employees Feel Valued?

Steve Kopleman

MAR. 23, 2023

Only 13% of Employees worldwide are truly engaged in their work. So what does that mean to you and your company? 

On the other side of that 13%, there is a staggering 87% of employees who are looking for careers that provide professional growth, opportunities for farthing their education, purpose, and at the top of all of their list is to "feel valued within their company".

All successful companies know the importance of deep diving for new ways to create Corporate Synergy, however the numbers above show one HUGE fact. Employers failing to explore outside of the box. 

What we can see through staggering numbers, is that your Employee ROI and quality of their company engagement can be met and surpassed by addressing their needs.  

Many corporations are turning to incentives, however they're not seeing a progressive turn around.

In the age of accelerated technology and an infinite of ever growing information, your employees see that there are other options (outside of your company). Incentives are great short term goals, however if you're not looking for short term employees, than the incentive approach is not for you. If there were a simple solution to this world wide corporate dilemma, you wouldn't see Amazon or Google employees hosting walk outs or protests.

Forbes recently published an article covering the fail of WeWork, a part of the article that stood out was regarding their flawed short term infrastructure stating

 "it has long-term fixed expenses that aren’t matched with its short-term clients who can come and go as they choose." Going back to optimal Employee engagement, the same statement applies, when there is a long term investment (payroll, 401k, Benefits ect) short term solutions or incentives are redundant. When an Employee doesn't feel valued within their company, they will exercise their options, of waiting for a better company to come along.  

So what do you do now with all of this new information?


Engage with your employees,

discoveries must be made of what 

fulfillment looks like to them. When you authentically connect with your employees, you are showing them, that they are a valued member of your team, and company. 

Engaging activities include

furthering education workshops, relationship boosting retreats, personal development courses, team and strength building activities, setting goals individually and as a team.


When it comes to Employee engagement, it is clear that there is expansive room for improvement. Within that room of improvement lies untapped potential, unparalleled productivity, and most importantly growth.

Building Your Team 

Active Excursions is Corporates go to company for Team Building, activities.Active Excursions understand the importance of your Teams overall moral, thats why our activities, retreats, workshops, and excursions are individually created around your Teams needs.

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